Graphic Design & Illustration


Winner of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award for 2017.

"Working in the creative process is what I love to do. I’ve been fasinated by art as long as I can remember.... as a kid I used to watch my dad draw pencil illustrations and was fasinated by the lines creating an image that came to life as he worked! I love the creative adrenaline in illustration, design and photography."

I'm also is a life-long model builder... having won over 60 National Awards in Horror, Super Hero and Fantasy, including "Best of Show" in Super Hero and in Horror. "One of my favorite things about model building is utilizing all aspects of my art in the building and painting process; sculpting, mixing colors and washes, shading and adding depth with pastels, drybrushing and airbrushing... I've dreamed of building models at this level since I was a kid wandering through the old hobbyshops... these sculpts are very detailed and I want my finished work to look like it could "come to life" at any moment!"

So... call me or send me an email and let's get a project started!!!


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